Magic Fuzzy Thneeds

Magic Fuzzy Thneeds are one-size-fits-all creations that work as dresses on smaller people, and shirts on larger people. All thneeds are custom made-to-order. To order, email Kalyani with the color you want and the following measurements: (1) size of head opening on thneed, (2) length of arm from pit to wrist, (3) chest measurement at largest point.

Magic Fuzzy Thneeds come in multiple styles.

The regular thneed ($55-$75) has a V-neck that can be moved down to drape off the shoulders, and long, swooping sleeves that are gathered at the wrist with elastic. A standard long sleeve is also available upon request.

The mitten-sleeve thneed ($75-95) has mittens at the end of the sleeve, that can either be pushed up around the wrist, or pulled over the wrist and snapped shut to create a mitten.

(The sleeveless thneed ($20) can be worn off-the-shoulder or not. The neck is a large, soft cowl.

Magic Fuzzy Thneeds can be purchased on Ebay or Etsy, or can be ordered through the email address on the Orders page.

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2 thoughts on “Magic Fuzzy Thneeds

  1. I was wondering if this material is ideal for bath robes? And if so are you able to make them? These could make great Christmas gifts. This material looks very comfortable. Thanks!

    • Hi Tim, Thanks for your suggestion! I’m not sure how I could make a bathrobe out of Magic Fuzzy Fabric. The fabric does not hold a shape at all. Im not sure how to keep it in a bathrobe shape and also have an opening in the front. But I’ll think on it! 🙂

      In the meantime, the Thneeds work well as bathrobes/house dresses on smaller women. Easy to put on, warm, and cozy.

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