For a Limited Time Only: White Magic Fuzzy Pants!

whitepants.JPGWe haven’t been able to find White fuzzy fabric for more than a year. Recently, we scored some fabric that’s not only white—it’s made out of bamboo charcoal fiber, a natural fiber that’s enhanced with nanotechnology. This creates Magic Fuzzy Pants that breathe better, are easier to care for, and that are even softer! Quantities are limited, so buy now to ensure you get a pair.

White Natural Fiber Magic Fuzzy Pants are great for Winter Fox, Yeti, Abominable Snow Monster, and all winter-related costumes. They’re also perfect for an added layer of warmth when worn over or under insulated pants while you’re skiing, ice skating, or winter hiking.

For a limited time, you can purchase White Natural Magic Fuzzy Pants on eBay.


NEW! Natural Fiber Magic Fuzzy Pants


Our Magic Fuzzy Pants just got better than ever!

When I started making Magic Fuzzy Pants eleven years ago, many of my friends said “I love them, but I only wear natural fibers. When are you going to get them in cotton or something?”

Since then, I’ve been looking around for a natural fabric that would work for Magic Fuzzy Pants. And now, my quest has finally born fruit!

Instead of synthetic materials, our Natural Fiber Magic Fuzzy Pants are made from Bamboo Charcoal Fiber, which is created by heating bamboo at very high temperatures and then processing it with nanotechnology. The fabric is designed to be quick-drying, moisture absorbent, ventilating, insulating, antimicrobial, easy on sensitive skin, deodorizing, anti-static, and resistant to pills.

The result is Magic Fuzzy Pants that are even softer, easier to wear, and easier to care for than regular Magic Fuzzy Pants!

Currently, Natural Fiber Magic Fuzzy Pants are available only in White. Black and Red should be available before Christmas! You can shop for White Natural Fiber Magic Fuzzy Pants in this listing on eBay.

New Listing: One-of-a-Kind “Fiesta Royal Blue” Fuzzy Pants!

Just when you thought you caught them all, we’ve come up with a new color for Magic Fuzzy Pants! Fiesta Royal Blue is a deep, rich, royal blue color witih speckles of bright yellow, lime green, and light lavender. Only ONE pair of size medium Fiesta Royal Blue will be sold. And the best part? They’re available at the CLEARANCE price of $32.98!
So expand your imagination—Whether you’re planning Renaissance festival costume ideas, or stocking up on fursuit supplies…the sky’s the limit with this new color!

Magic Fuzzy Products 30% off at Retro Revolution in January 2015

How do you stay warm and cozy this winter in Dallas?
With Magic Fuzzy Pants!
Retro Revolution (DFW’s premier counterculture store)  is offering 30% off all Kalyani Creations Magic Fuzzy clothing for the month of January. That puts Retro’s prices lower than Ebay prices!!! So if you live in or plan to visit the Dallas area this January, come on by and stock up for Valentine’s Day. 🙂