Get your Magic Fuzzy Pants and Tops!


Do you make gloves?

Yes! Check my Etsy page for pricing.

I want a pair of pants with longer fur and/or a looser fit than shown in your pictures. Can you get material like that?

Unfortunately, I don’t work with the type of fabric you’re wanting. You’ll need to find someone who has a heavy-duty sewing machine and knows how to use it well. You might want to browse Etsy; a lot of sellers on that platform do custom work.

What is the inseam length? Will the pants be too long or too short?

That’s a simple question, but it has a complicated answer. 🙂
The Magic Fuzzy fabric is very stretchy. The legs start out long and thin (approx 60 inches at the inseam!). As you put them on, they expand to accommodate your shape. As they expand, they get shorter. Any extra fabric gathers around elastic at the ankles.
I’ve never had a customer complain about the pants being too short. I’ve even had customers who have worn them with stilts! The pants can, however, be too long, especially for people shorter than 5’2″. In this case, you have two options.

  • You can pull the ankle elastic up over your calf and drape the fabric over, creating instant shorter pants.
  • You can pay me an extra $10, and I’ll add another row of elastic about 10 inches above the ankle elastic. This will add a second drape to the bell-bottom instead of the extra fabric dragging below the ankles. I always do this with size small pants and it works very well.

I really want to get a matching tail. Do you make those?

I only make tails for custom orders. I can usually make a matching tail in a day or two. Fox-style tails are long tubes that go down to your knee. They cost $25. Deer tails (white underside, pointing up, 12-16 inches long) cost $45. If I ship it in the same package as your pants, there will be no extra shipping charge. All tails have a drawstring you can use to attach it to the waistband of your pants or to tie it around your waist.

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