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8 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I am looking for some fuzzy pants that I can use for a grinch outfit. Just wondering if you have anything or can make them. Please let me know. Thanks Marianne

  2. Aloha and greetings
    I messaged you the other day about my
    Costume and decided to go with gray xl
    And would like a thin cat tail made and some
    Arm warmers(like leg warmers for my arms)
    Can I order all from you ? I also want purple
    Fiesta pants xl Aloha and Mahalos Renee

    • Hi Meliss, and thanks for your question!

      Most Magic Fuzzy Pants are made from tubes of knitted polyester eyelash yarn. These retail for $44.98.
      Recently, I obtained some Natural Bamboo Rayon fabric, which has many of the benefits of natural fibers. These retail for $59.98.

      I recommend hand washing and air drying Magic Fuzzy Pants, although I’ve had good luck with machine wash on delicate cycle in a mesh bag.


  3. Hi – Looking for something that my son can wear for Puss In boots. We have hat, boots and sword. Need fuzzy pants and top(?) in gold? or orange.
    Please call cell 215.380.6711. Would need in the next two weeks

    • Hi Jennifer, and thanks for your question.
      Is your son a child or an adult? The reason I’m asking is that I have gold fabric that will work for an adult costume, but not a child’s. Let me know. Thanks!

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