Magic Fuzzy products are sized differently than other products. The Magic Fuzzy Fabric is so stretchy that one item of clothing can fit a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Magic Fuzzy Pants

Magic Fuzzy Pants are unisex. That means that they can be worn by either men or women. This does not necessarily mean that women wear the smaller sizes and men wear the larger sizes. With Magic Fuzzy Pants, the most important measurement is the hip measurement. If your hip measurement is smaller than the measurement listed for the size, the pants will fit you. This often results in women wearing larger sizes than men, since men’s hips are narrower.

Within your hip limit, larger sizes will be looser in the leg and seat, and smaller sizes will be tighter.

Size Chart:

Size                  Hip (in.)    Waist (in.)
Small               36                 26-32
Medium           40                 29-35
Large              44                 33-39
XL                   48                 37-48
XXL                 52                 41-52

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Magic Fuzzy Shirts Tunics, and Dresses

The Magic Fuzzy Shirt/Tunic/Dress is a truly unique garment. It fits as a shirt when tight, or a dress when loose. To wear it as a shirt, wear your regular size. To wear it as a tunic or dress, just go a size or two bigger. Refer to the chart in the images to decide what size you need. First, measure your girth at the widest part (usually your chest or waist). The chart shows how long each size would be for that width. For example, if your girth is 34 inches,

  • Size S would be 22-24” long
  • Size M would be 26-28” long
  • Size L would be 30-32” long
  • Size XL would be 34-36” long

The shirt/tunic/dress is available in these sizes:
Size XL fits up to a 30 inch chest

  • Size S fits up to a 34 inch chest
  • Size M fits up to a 38 inch chest
  • Size L fits up to a 42 inch chest
  • Size XL fits up to a 46 inch chest
  • Size 2XL fits up to a 50 inch chest
  • Size 3XL fits up to a 54 inch chest

Magic Fuzzy Hats

One size fits all.

Magic Scarves

One size fits all.


2 thoughts on “Sizes

  1. Hi! I work at an elementary school and we’re doing a Dr Seuss theme for Halloween and I’m planning to dress as the Grinch. I happened to find your website and it sound like you have what I’m looking for … Fuzzy legs. I’m thinking of either your Magic Fuzzy Pants or the Magic Fuzzy Leggings in green. My hips are around 45″ so I’d need the XL pants.

    I would appreciate it it you could let me know how much each item costs and how I can order them. Thanks!


    1. Hi Diane,
      Thanks for your interest in Magic Fuzzy Pants!
      My favorite color for Grinch green is Sage. That’s the color that the Grinch is wearing on the Candids page. There’s an XL Sage available on ebay. Here’s the link. Choose “Sage” from the Color list and “XL” in the “Size” list. The cost is $45 plus shipping and handling, which should be around $3.76 for standard shipping.
      On a side note, I think the kids at your school will get a kick out of the pants. They were always a hit at my daughter’s elementary school!

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