Our Story

One day, I brought home some fuzzy, stretchy scarves that were on sale at the drug store. That evening, my daughter, my housemate, and I had a lot of fun playing with the scarves. “Look, it’s a dress,” said my housemate. “Look, it’s a hat,” said my daughter. “Look, it’s pants,” I said. The three of us looked at each other. “Pants?” we said in unison. “Pants!”

“Pants would be so cool,” I said. “I have to have a pair. I’m going to find some on the Internet.”

I searched the vast Internet marketplace and couldn’t find any stretchy, fuzzy pants. Obsessed with the idea, I decided to make my own. I made a pair of pants for myself and a pair for my housemate. On the first day I wore my pants out to run errands, a clerk at the grocery store said “Wow, those pants are cool. I’m seeing them everywhere. Can I touch them?” (It turns out he had seen my housemate wearing her pair in the store a few hours earlier.)

Everywhere I wore the pants, people asked me where they could get a pair for themselves. People would stop me on the street, and then give me their phone number, asking me to call if I ever went into business selling the pants. I finally started making them, and quickly sold my first dozen. Three years after I started making Magic Fuzzy Pants, I was able to quit my corporate job and focus on the business full time.

Now, nearly a decade later, I have a thriving Internet business selling Magic Fuzzy Pants, vintage clothing, and other Magic Fuzzy products all over the world. I even get to make custom projects for theater productions and circus performers. And my products always bring smiles. Life is good!

14 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. GREAT SITE!…..and when I get some “sizes” from the kids..I will be contacting you with an order. Good to meet you ! Phil/Austin Homebrew Supply

    1. Hi Phil! It was nice meeting you the other day.
      I checked my inventory: In Texas orange, I have one pair of pants in size Small and one in size Large; the rest of my orange pants are a light tangerine.

  2. I need a price for one adult large green grinch color pants. Need A.S.A.P.

    1. The price is 44.98 plus shipping. The pants are available on ebay at http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230805426444&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT. Look for the color “Sage.”

  3. Hi Kalyani, Hope all is well with you!

    1. Hey Tony; how’s it going? Thinking of you.

  4. Any suggestions as to what type of shoes (heels, sandals, etc.) would work best with these fuzzy pants?

    1. That’s a great question, Cecil!

      For customers who want to have a horse-like look, I suggest wooden platform heels. They look just like hooves when sticking out from under the pants. One customer went so far as to buy “stripper shoes” with a high platform under the toes that tapered to an even higher point at the heel. Then, she cut off the heel part and walked on the balls of her foot on the high platform. With padding under the pants to change the way her muscles looked, the effect was that of a half woman/half goat!

      If you aren’t going for an animal look, I suggest sandals (if it’s hot out, to keep you cool) or boots (if it’s cold and you want to keep the heat in). I have a pair of fuzzy Uggs that work well.

  5. Looking for magic fuzzy pants in xxl in fuschia for a cosplay outfit. can you help?

    1. Thanks for your question, Christy. We have a “hot pink” that is close to fuschia, and also a “lavender” that is on the purple side of fuschia. I’ve responded in more detail in a private message.

  6. Hello Kalyani! It’s Esther. I met you on ebay. Do your Fuzzy Uggs work better in Fall and Winter. That’s what I’m looking for now. Something comfortable and warm for Fall & Winter for myself and Daughter-in-law, Michele. Thank You for giving me your site. I just Love Your Story! How Awesome! Bless You, Esther

    1. Hi Esther,
      When you say “Fuzzy Uggs,” I’m pretty sure you’re talking about the boot covers. I just want to make sure you know that they have no bottoms! They are meant to go over existing boots and make the fuzzy. 🙂
      The boot covers work best in dry, clean weather (or inside). They have a tendency to pick up fall leaves if the come into contact with them, and will definitely absorb and hold a lot of water!
      When I wear fuzzy products outside, I usually tuck the bottoms inside my boots until I get past any wet or leafy areas.
      Hope that helps!

  7. HI Kalyan!
    My daughter wants to be the cheshire cat for halloween and we just stumbled upon your amazing Magic Fuzzy Pants! We are wondering about your availability on either the lavender fuzzy short- shorts or the hot pink fuzzy short- shorts. Hope you can get back to us soon!

    1. Hi Sophia,
      Thanks for your interest in Magic Fuzzy Pants!
      All of my short-shorts are custom-made. I have both lavender and hot pink available, so I could make either.
      To order, email your request for short-shorts, along with color, waist measurement, hip measurement, zip code, and mail preference (first class or priority) to kalyani4ananda@yahoo.com. I’ll make the shorts and then bill you through paypal using your email address when they’re finished.
      It can take as much as a week for me to finish a custom project, so order early!

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