Our Founder

Kalyani Ananda is the founder and CEO of Kalyani Creations.

Prior to founding Kalyani Creations, Kalyani worked as a technical editor for a high-tech computer company. Before that, she held a variety of dry, uninteresting, analytical jobs such as director of marketing for a start-up company, quality control auditor, GUI designer, and fast-food cook.

One day, Kalyani asked herself, “Shouldn’t life be a little more fun? Wouldn’t working be better if I actually believed in what I was doing?” After thinking about what kind of an impact she wanted to make on the world, Kalyani decided that she would move toward only doing work that made people smile.

Besides Magic Fuzzy Pants, Kalyani has a lot of creations that bring smiles. She bakes and sells tasty, healthy treats, including raw chocolates and Hippie Crack Granola. She is a Massage Therapist, and practices massage out of her home.

An avid musician, Kalyani recently released a new EP, The Fuzzy Sessions. Go to kalyaniananda.com to hear her music and see an artistic use of Magic Fuzzy products!


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